Equality Hub Network Board Mental Health Strategy Briefing

The Council is leading on the development of a new mental health strategy for the city. This paper is to advise Equality Hub Network Board members of the process, specifically regarding ways people can be  involved and to ask members to advise further on ways to engage with their networks.

Basis for the strategy

Sheffield has an existing mental health strategy that was developed in 2015 and conceived as a five year plan (https://shsc.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Item6ii-Sheffield-Strategy-for-Mental-Health.pdf). The strategy has been a useful reference point and has been actively used by the Mental Health Partnership Network however the significant changes that have taken place since 2015 meant that it felt appropriate to develop a new up to date strategy for the city.

At the heart of these changes has been the government’s Five Year Forward View for Health, which has led to growing integration between the Council and local health services as well as a number of specific  initiatives around areas such as mental health crisis and suicide prevention.

With its Public Health role, the Council is leading on the development of the strategy but this is very much on the basis of working with people across Sheffield to develop a strategy for the city as a whole.

The aim of the strategy

In working with a range of stakeholders across the city, the Council is seeking to develop a conversation about how we can make Sheffield a more mentally healthy city.

There are 2 core aims of the strategy:

  • To inform the ongoing work of those delivering mental health services and support
  • To galvanise others in the city to consider how they can contribute to making Sheffield a mentally healthy city.

The process of developing the strategy

We have worked with the Mental Health Service Improvement Forum on our approach to developing the strategy.

The public launch of the development of the strategy was a meeting at the Town Hall on March 6th. The event was attended by 70 people including mental health service deliverers and service users and those representing wider services. We asked people to consider what it would take for Sheffield to be a mentally healthy city and have used people’s comments to shape the first draft of the strategy.

Feedback on the event has been used to shape the draft of the plan, which will include two major ambitions:

  • Sheffield is a city that pursues well-being
  • Sheffield is a city that offers the right mental health services in ‘the right way’

A draft version of the strategy will be circulated for consultation in the near future. There will be a survey on the Council’s Citizen Space consultation hub (https://sheffield.citizenspace.com/) and a mental health strategy page on the Council’s website. There will be a 6 week consultation period during which I will also
visit user groups where possible.

We will be asking people to comment on the stated ambitions and proposed priorities under them not just to say whether they think they are the right areas to pursue but to say what they can contribute to achieving them.

I would appreciate board members guidance on key routes and networks I can use to publicise the draft strategy.

Dave Luck. Commissioning Officer, Mental Health
david.luck@sheffield.gov.uk 273 4762

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