South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work – Scooters available for allocation

Sheffield Equality Hub – Newsletter Article

South Yorkshire Wheels 2 Work (SYW2W) is a very effective way of helping people to get to work or training opportunities. These days it can be very tough to find a job. The last thing that should be a barrier is transport. Whilst public transport in South Yorkshire is good, it can be very difficult to get to a job if you cannot get the bus or they do not run when you need them.

SYW2W provides motorised scooters for a small monthly payment. Riders are provided with safety equipment and undergo Compulsory Basic Training to ensure that they can travel safely and confidently.

Since January 2015 SYW2W has assisted 342 people into work and training. SYW2W is funded by the Department for Transport through South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE). More information and application forms can be found on the SYW2W website . You can also simply contact 0114 2859913/2859917/2859937 for Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster areas.

Viv Allen, SYW2W Representative, said “We have seen how this project makes a real difference to people. We are sure that more and more people will use our scooters to enable them to get into work or to take up training. We believe that the project encourages a sense of citizenship which can only be beneficial for the individual and the community as a whole.”