Newly rediscovered the forgotten non-conformist Graveyard in Attercliffe. Final resting place of leading anti-slavery and anti child labour campaigner – Mary Rawson.

Recently rediscovered Victorian ‘non-conformist’ graveyard in Attercliffe. (Graveyard to the former Zion Lane Chapel). Final resting place to leading anti-slavery and anti-child labour campaigner, Mary Rawson. It is interesting to note that Mary spoke up about abhorrent practices at a time when women were expected to stay quiet. This makes her, in my view, a person of great historical significance and interest for Sheffield.

Mary was a founding member of the Sheffield female Anti-Slavery Society, the first anti-slavery society to call for an immediate end to slavery, tactics included lectures, leafleting and organised boycotts of good produced by slaves. Following the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 which abolished slavery throughout the British empire, Mary continued her anti-slavery campaigning as secretary of the Sheffield Ladies Association for the Universal Abolition of Slavery – which continued the campaign for worldwide abolition of slavery.

Well worth visiting, it is a little slice of Sheffield history, and I would describe it as a ‘secret garden’ tucked away in the grey post-industrial landscape of Attercliffe. Other notable residents include master Cutlers.
The ‘Friends of Zion lane graveyard’ have a regular schedule of open days, which are listed on the facebook page and the website.