Doula Project BAME Volunteers desperately needed!

The voluntary doula project at Sheffield City Council is looking to diversify its cohort of volunteers and encourage more women from BAMER communities to become voluntary doulas. Up to now, we have had a predominantly white British group of volunteers for a high proportion of potentially vulnerable BAMER women using our services. Through the support of external contacts we want to encourage more women from these communities to become doulas and also want to invite input into the training we provide our volunteers. We believe it would be beneficial to have women both with first-hand experience of cultural expectations of birth and also those who speak multiple languages on our roster to help us better match pregnant women to doulas.
We would also like to receive input on different cultural expectations and experiences of birth and breast feeding to provide better understanding for all of our volunteers on how to provide the most compassionate and personalised care and support for the pregnant mothers they will be supporting.

We need the backing of external contacts to establish a reputable group of sources from which we can receive advice and potentially volunteers for our project.

Please contact us via:

0114 2057493
07791 316947

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