Board Statement regarding temporary suspension of Sheffield Feminist Network

The Equality Hub Network is an independent advisory group established by Sheffield City Council to create a space in which to enable our diverse communities to have greater voice and influence over decisions in the City. There are seven individual hubs representing the following communities: Age; Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugees; Carers; Disability; LGBT+; Religion and Belief; and Women. Each hub sends elected representatives to the Equality Hub Board meeting which meets quarterly to discuss broader issues affecting the network as a whole.

Following a discussion at the meeting of the Equality Hub Network Board on 23rd October the Board unanimously agreed to the temporary suspension of the Sheffield Feminist Network from participating in any Equality Hub Network activities pending a full investigation.

The investigation will explore concerns raised at the Board regarding conduct by the Sheffield Feminist Network which allegedly contradicts the values and ethos of the Equality Hub Network. The investigation will be carried out by delegates from each hub along with an independent representative. Sheffield Feminist Network have been notified; invited to participate in the investigation process; and will have a full right of appeal.

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