Equality Hub Network logo with The BAMER Hub focuses on issues specific to BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee) communities. It promotes fairness and inclusion and challenges inequalities.

It is open to all Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee people in Sheffield to discuss issues that affect their lives and influence policy and decisions. It is also open to people who are interested in these issues.

Our current priorities are:

  • Education
  • Hate crime
  • Mental health

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BAMER Hub Organising Group

  • BAMER Hub Chair: Marcia Brooks

    Candidate Statement

    I am a voluntary Hub Representative for the BAMER Hub. I have a background in social policy, currently employed as a policy advisor, with working knowledge of the Equality Act.

    I have experience as a parent, teaching assistant, school governor, and of course life in Sheffield!

    Passionate about equality, I believe the Hub is a great way to influence local authority decisions to make our city a fairer place to live.

    I lead on education and supported the Hub to develop an education priority and establish an education working group. This group is now ready to move onto the influencing stage.

    I am now seeking your support for the role of Chair as I feel that I could bring my experience of strategic planning to move the education priority forward, along with steering the direction of the work for the hate crime and health priorities.

    If the Hub priorities change following the elections, my strategic planning and thinking skills will be valuable to get the Hub where it needs to be quickly.

    I am so passionate about achieving equality for Sheffield residents via the Hub Network that I am also standing for the other Hub roles.

  • BAMER Hub Vice Chair: Annalisa Toccara

    Candidate Statement

    I am a young Black woman passionate about equality, inclusion and representation. Since the death of Trayvon Martin in America, 6 years ago, I became interested in campaign work and was/am part of the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement.

    Last year, I launched Our Mel, a grassroots social enterprise dedicated to exploring culture, history and heritage. Through this, we have created an annual festival; MelaninFest which creates space for people of colour to showcase talent, discover what it means to be Black & British and be proud of a deep and vast heritage.

    I am passionate about seeing social cohesion in Sheffield as well as developing the incredible underground talent which exists within the youth of the community and believe that collectively, we can create unity.

    I am highly skilled in Journalism, Marketing and PR and believe through effective campaign strategies, diverse community engagement can happen.

    I am standing because I believe in empowering those who might not necessarily feel they have a voice in our community especially the youth and feel I can help create and influence a positive change for BAMER communities.

  • BAMER Hub Representative: Dr Muna Abdi

    Candidate Statement

    I have lived in Sheffield my entire life and have worked with BAMER communities in the city for over 10 years as an educator, researcher and activist. I have witnessed the decline in youth provision, the effects of austerity measures on BAMER communities and the failure of statutory bodies to address inequalities in education, health and employment to name just a few.

    Over the last 5 years, I have done research that evaluates mental health provision in schools, that critiques the broken promise of social mobility for Muslims in Britain, that explores how racialized young people negotiate their identities within educational and social spaces. Each piece of research required partnership working; with communities, policy makers and institutions.

    I understand as a member of a BAMER community that old measures cannot yield new results, so we must be willing to work differently to see change – part of this is recognising the importance of partnership working.

    The BAMER Hub is one of the only spaces we have in the city as members of BAMER communities to voice our concerns and influence decision making, so we need to use this space as effectively and as strategically as possible. Having had a number of leadership roles and with experience of both facilitating meetings and sitting on representative boards, I feel confident in my ability to perform both of these roles.

  • BAMER Hub Representative: Sahira Irshad

    Candidate Statement

    I believe that I would be a right candidate for the above roles as I am passionate about ensuring the voices of the BAME community are heard.

    My work experience involves working for Race Equality Foundation in London for 9 year. This is a charity which explores discrimination and promotes race equality in social support and public services.

    I launched Mums United – a support group for mums to tackle the rise of anti-social behaviour, guns, gangs and knife crime.

    It saddens me to see that in 2018 although progress has been made we take one step forward and ten steps back ensuring the status quo remains unchanged.

    I will bring to this role a more proactive approach – we have to make headway today, not tomorrow. Communities have to interact and learn how to work together rather than in isolation and this will be my main priority – every single person from the BAME community brings their own rich culture, religion and language, however underneath all the differences we have we have a common goal; the need for unity, we must stand in solidarity.

    I am determined to ensure we achieve our goals.

BAMER Hub Support Organisation

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