Equality Hub Network logo with The Disability Hub wants to achieve positive change for disabled people in terms of equality, diversity and fairness in Sheffield.

Working from the Social Model of Disability we will offer constructive challenge on those public services and providers in Sheffield in the interests of fairness and inclusion.

We work with all other Hubs and protected groups to advance equality for all throughout the City of Sheffield.

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Our current priorities are:

  • Employment
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Social care
  • Transport

Download the action plan, meeting notes and other supporting documents for the Disability Hub.

Upcoming Disability Hub meetings and events

If you need a reasonable adjustment to attend a Hub meeting or event, please contact us before the meeting using the form below.

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Disability Hub Organising Group

  • Disability Hub Representative/Chair: John Quinn

    Candidate Statement

    I would like to continue in the role of Hub Rep/Chair for the Disability Hub, which I have been fulfilling for over 2 years. Although happy to step aside and let someone else have a go I am equally willing to continue to serve. As a disabled person (I have a rare neurological disorder and a spinal injury which mean I am a wheelchair user) and a former longstanding local journalist who has covered disability issues – ranging from access for physically disabled people to problems faced by those with speech problems or learning disabilities – many times over the years and who has also studied national disability policy at the University of Sheffield, I feel I can bring my experience– both personal and professional – to the forefront when trying to make Sheffield a better place for disabled people.

  • Disability Hub Representative/Vice Chair: Craig Williams

    Candidate Statement

    I would like to be given the opportunity to continue to be your Disability Hub Rep/Vice Chair, where I have been representing the members of the Disability Hub for over 2 years now. I continue to sit on other forums and groups including the Service Improvement Forum meetings, of which I am Vice Chair, where I meet a range of officials from across the Council spectrum. I am also the Disability Hub link between the Disability Hub and the Transport for All group that meets with various transport operating companies to discuss and resolve travelling issues that might be a barrier to impaired people accessing public transport. I also held the position of Students with Disabilities Officer on Coventry University Student Union, where I gained my B.A. with honours. As part of the role, I had the opportunity to represent Coventry University at a Human Rights Rally in Parliament. As well as my own practical experience, I have read Disability Studies under Professor Colin Barnes at the renowned Centre for Disability Studies. I enjoy researching and finding out information. Outside the various disability organisations I am involved in, I am a member of Walkley Labour Party.

Disability Hub Support Organisation

Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living logoThe Disability Hub is coordinated by Disability Sheffield.

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