Equality Hub Network logo with The Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub focuses on issues specific to people of faith and to people of no faith. It promotes fairness and inclusion and challenges inequalities.

It is open to all people in Sheffield – whether they have a religious belief or have no religious belief – to discuss issues that affect their lives and influence policy and decisions.

Our current priorities are:

  • Cohesion
  • Community safety
  • Hate crime
  • Health and wellbeing (including mental health)

Download the action plan, meeting notes and other supporting documents for the Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub.

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Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub Organising Group

  • Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub Representative – no religious belief: Michael Heap

    Candidate Statement

    I am a psychologist, now semi-retired having lived in Sheffield for 32 years. I have 48 years’ experience working with people with mental health problems. For the last 25 years I have also worked with convicted offenders and defendants coming before the courts. For 14 years I was also a part-time lecturer at the University of Sheffield and still have an honorary position there. For the last 20 years, during the University’s Science Week I have given talks at schools in South Yorkshire on the nature of science.

    I am an atheist and have had an interest in humanism since a teenager. I am a member of Humanists UK and have undertaken their training both as a school speaker and a non-religious chaplain or pastor. Since then I have taught humanism in local schools as part of their religious education curriculum. I am currently working as a volunteer in a mental health services chaplaincy and will shortly be taking up a similar position at a university.

    As a humanist I firmly believe in personal freedom under the law, including freedom to pursue one’s own religious or non-religious beliefs. I look forward to being involved in some capacity with the Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub.

  • Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub Representative – religious belief: Mohammad Abdool Kadir Gooljar

    Candidate Statement

    I have been involved in various roles over the years. Currently I am the Chair of One Sheffield Many Cultures, a member of SACRE and a member of the Faith Leaders Group.

    I hope to listen to grassroots views and concerns to develop a policy that benefits the citizens of Sheffield to create understanding and respect for each other.

    I aim to set out proposals for a collaborative approach in which the Hub works alongside residents, local organisations and city partners to ensure Sheffield is a place where people from different backgrounds can come together to improve things for themselves and their communities.

    I also aim to create safe spaces to generate community conversations on real community concerns and grievances – to help dispel misconceptions and myths.

    I am involved in faith based groups that are at the forefront of social action and multi-cultural working, that support people from different backgrounds. These initiatives are helping to create community networks. This is what I intend to bring for discussion and listen to everyone together to answer the question ‘How can we make the Hub be a value to everyone?’.

Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub Support Organisation

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