Equality Hub Network logo with The Women’s Hub, one of the Hubs in the Equality Hub Network, is a forum for all women in Sheffield to meet, listen and be heard on matters of equality that affect their lives. All Hubs are vehicles of voice and influence for those in our city at greatest risk of experiencing discrimination. The Women’s Hub is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and there are a number of ways to get involved:

1. Attend a Women’s Hub meeting held quarterly in the centre of the city.

2. Join one of the 3 working groups that aim to explore those issues that have been selected as the most relevant to the Hub:

Women and Poverty

• Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

• Mental Health

3. Consider serving as a member of the Organising Group for the Hub. See the 2018 Hub elections and priorities page for more information.

Our current priorities are:

  • Domestic and sexual abuse
  • Health and wellbeing (including mental health)
  • Violence against women and girls

Download meeting notes and other supporting documents for the Women’s Hub.

Photo of an International Women's Day event

Upcoming Women’s Hub meetings and events

If you need a reasonable adjustment to attend a Hub meeting or event, please contact us before the meeting using the form below.

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Women’s Hub Organising Group

  • Women’s Hub Chair: Valerie Monti Holland

    Candidate Statement

    I was privileged to be elected as Women’s Hub Chair in July 2017 and have spent the last year learning about the Equality Hub Network and women’s issues across the city. Because I was new to the role, it took time for me to truly understand the way the Network operated, realise its accomplishments and begin to see how we could improve the lives of women in Sheffield through the Network. This required time and effort building relationships with Sheffield City Council as well as attending panels, meetings and events that involved the other Hubs too. This groundwork enabled me to form a vision of what the next 2 years could hold for the Women’s Hub:
    • a third working group, Mental Health, in as robust a form as the two current working groups
    • leadership and governance trainings to enable women in Sheffield to become more involved in the city
    • widened participation at the Women’s Hub quarterly meetings and specific events to reflect our diverse city

    As a facilitator with 25 years of experience working with groups and fostering environments where everyone feels free and able to speak and be seen, I feel I have the relevant skills to chair the Women’s Hub and to be a part of its growth and development.

  • Women’s Vice Chair: Stacey Anderson

    Candidate Statement

    I am passionate about women’s rights and equality and have been Vice Chair of the Women’s Hub for the past 12 months.

    During my time as part of the Organising Group, I have actively pushed for the voices of individual women to be heard, not just those of organisations. I have also worked to make the Women’s Hub more accessible, by ensuring documentation is in plain English and excludes acronyms.

    I am currently involved in setting up a mental health working group as part of the Women’s Hub, which is an area I have a specific interest in due to my own lived experience. As part of this process I have been visiting other groups and individuals to establish relationships to help develop this.

    I am empathetic and skilled at putting myself in other people’s shoes, which I believe makes me an ideal candidate for helping to promote the voices of others. I have enjoyed my work with the Women’s Hub so far and am enthusiastic about what we can do together going forward.

  • Women’s Hub Representative: Amber Cagney

    Candidate Statement

    I live and work in Sheffield and care deeply for the well-being of women in the City. I am particularly passionate about the rights and experiences of asylum seekers and refugee women. I’ve joined the Women’s Hub this year and I’m particularly interested in the working group of 'violence against women and girls' and working towards making Sheffield a safer city for women to live in.

    I work for a charity that supports survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking as the female safe house accommodation manager.

    I have worked directly with women from a multitude of backgrounds who have suffered slavery and exploitation amongst other types of violence and abuse.

    As Women's Hub Representative I would work to represent their experiences so that their interests are considered, raise awareness of the challenges that women who have survived these traumas face in Sheffield, and work to try and address them through positive change.

    I have experience with multi-agency working, representing an organisation to stakeholders. I am confident presenting and feeding back the voices of others in meetings, which I feel will help me in this role.

  • Women’s Hub Representative: Charlotte Albiston

    Candidate Statement

    I would like to continue my current role and stand for the position of Women’s Hub Representative. Since leaving university and moving back to Sheffield I have volunteered for various local charities and projects which work with women to improve representation and increase empowerment. During my time as Women’s Hub Rep I have become actively involved in the Women and Poverty working group, which is using conversations with local women to uncover problems and possible solutions to Sheffield women who are financially struggling. If I am re-elected I intend to increase participation in the Hub and help give local women in Sheffield a voice by improving inclusivity and diversity.

Women’s Hub Support Organisation

Together Women Project logoThe Women’s Hub is coordinated by Together Women Project.

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